81st Street Entry Project Update

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016
By now most of our neighbors have noticed the staked areas at the 81st street entry. As a board, we wanted to provide an update regarding the new entry way and retaining wall project. This project has been an ongoing effort of several years for our neighborhood.

The plans are to mirror the Oneta Road entry design as much as possible, however there are some design limitations due to the existing underground utilities at the 81st street entrance. The design will also involve some dirt removal along 81st street which should improve the line of site when exiting the neighborhood. The plan is to illuminate the lettering on the new sign and add lighting to the Oneta Road lettering as well. As a note, the Oneta Road project was designed, paid for, and completed by the City of Broken Arrow. The board has been in contact with city officials for several years regarding possible assistance on the 81st street entry and/or improving the line of site on 81st street, but to no avail. Fortunately over the past few years, we have reserved and designated the funds in our HOA savings account for the project and the addition of lighting at Oneta Road.

Board Members have met with multiple general contractors as well as utility contractors to ensure the easement is properly planned and utilized for current use and possible future expansion by the city. We would like to break ground and complete the work as soon as possible. We have signed an agreement with Edgington Construction to complete the project once the plans and design are finalized.

The status of the project is reviewed and updated at the monthly HOA meetings.